Healthy Lifestyles Project at Expo Milano 2015 – Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life

We are proud and delighted to announce that the Healthy Lifestyles Project is featuring at Expo Milano 2015. The project has been selected by the Italian National Agency to become part of the presentations to be delivered in the Italian Pavilion on 22-07-15

The meeting will be managed by the national Unit EPALE, Europe's new community for adult learning professionals, who took the opportunity of the Expo to achieve two objectives:

  • to describe the experiences of four projects funded by European programs
  • to present the European platform EPALE to all visitors of Expo.

Our Healthy Lifestyles Project is one of the four selected projects which was conducted by the University Without Age of Campoformido, Italy. The Healthy Lifestyles project ended in Campoformido in the summer of last year with the participation of partners from England, Turkey, Portugal and Slovenia.

Please see further information on the partners on this website.

Planned activities, dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, have been addressed and followed by the local population. Activities have been organized including taste workshops, practical demonstrations of preparation of local products, cooking 'Heart', lectures on topics related to prevention primary diseases resulting from unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyle, as well as demonstrations of sports activities suitable for all ages.

Adult education also depends on choices that every citizen must be able to make, bearing in mind environmental consequences, but also their well-being and the projects chosen represent different social contexts and different educational possibilities, all connected in nutrition, food and sustainability, in accordance with the themes of Expo 2015.

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Our Project Aim

‘Healthy Lifestyles’ can bring real positive benefits to all those who participate in this ambitious project, whether they be young or old ..

– Healthy Lifestyles Project