Measures for Healthy Lifestyles in Slovenia

Health enables and ensures a quality life and it is a basic source of development of each society.

Health is primarily a responsibility of each individual, while the Slovene government is responsible for cooperating with various professions and sciences to create conditions where people can lead healthy lifestyles. The Slovene government provides for health safety with forming, confirming and executing policies, strategies and programs of health promotion.

This program also includes the strategy of health safety and health improvement with movement. The strategy of SloveneA?s government in the area of physical activities for health is expressed in planning and executing measures and activities of the state and cooperating with various organizations of civil society which encourage and strengthen qualitative and healthy diet and regular physical activity of the citizens of Slovenia.

The main goal of the Strategy of Slovene government in the area of physical activities is encouraging all kinds of regular activities and exercising for health. Healthy diet and recommended forms and range of physical activities for maintaining health create synergic health effects and are an important factor in preventing diseases, early death and invalidity and increase the life quality of Slovene citizens.