Nordic walking – a great way to exercise!

Nordic Walking puts in motion approximately 90% of the body muscles.

The help of sticks considerably reduces fatigue, sharing it over the whole body. You can rediscover walking with four points of contact on the ground in the city, in the countryside, in the mountains and by the sea.

Nordic Walking is recommended for all, regardless of age and physical condition because it:

ai??? restores posture and coordination

ai??? improves flexibility and joint mobility

ai??? increases calorie consumption up to 45% compared to normal walking

ai??? boosts aerobic resistance by increasing heart rate (average 10/17 beats per minute) with respect to the normal-walking

ai??? induces increased muscle tone, engaging almost all of the musculature

ai??? reduces muscle tension in the shoulders and neck

ai??? increases the metabolism of theAi??spineAi??intervertebral discs facilitating the prevention and treatment of back problems

ai??? strengthens the immuneAi??and cardiovascularAi??system

ai??? is recommended to complete rehabilitation phases of the lower limbs and fast recovery of mobility

ai??? provides out-door activity which has anti-stress and anti-depressive effects.

Why not give it a go!



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