Universita Senza Eta – Citta Del Trattato


The association is located in a suburban area, mainly agricultural in which communities are rural and there is scarce knowledge in health and prevention especially in nutrition. We are a No-Profit association for adult life-long learning and we belong to a Health Point connected to an association that helps obese people to lose weight through adequate lifestyles that include healthy nutrition and physical exercise.

Our users are people between age 18 and 80. We want to promote a project of healthy lifestyles in the nutrition field. We have studied the problem and have realised some local programmes with relevant success, such as nutritional courses and practical cooking classes.

In our courses we follow the indication given by WHO in the nutrition field. We find interesting the possibility to discuss this subject with our European partners and work on a project that allows us to learn more and interact with different approaches to the problem.Ai?? We have found our partners after attending the Info Days in Brussels in November 2010.