A tovola con gusto e ricette e consigli di educazione alimentare – A table with style  – recipes and tips for nutrition education.

L’Università Senza Età Città del Trattato di Campoformido presenta con questo volume le ricette preparate ed eseguite durante i corsi di “cucina del Cuore” dalla Maestra di cucina dott.ssa Milena Broglia Fioretti, coadiuvata dalla prof.ssa Mariella Ciani nell’arco di quattro anni di attività.

L’obiettivo è quello di contribuire alla divulgazione di un sano stile di vita alimentare che tiene conto di elementi quali la territorialità e la stagionalità dei prodotti, di un equilibrato apporto di nutrienti senza nulla togliere al gusto e all’appetibilità

The University Without Age City of the Treaty of Campoformido presents this recipe book prepared and executed during kitchen of the Heart” coursesby Dr. Milena Broglia Fioretti, assisted by Prof. Mariella Ciani over of four years.

The aim is to contribute to the dissemination of a healthy way of life related to food –  that takes into account factors such as the territoriality and the seasonality of products, a balanced intake of nutrients without detracting from the taste and palatability.

View the PDF here: a_tavola_con_gusto_ok_paf

View the page turning version hereThe Big Recipe Book


As part of the Second Partner Meeting our Italian coordinating Partners produced a recipe booklet called: The Kitchen Cookbook/ Ricettario di Cucina

You can view the PDF here.

Menù Rogaska (1)



Each of the partners prepared a set of recipes suitable for individuals and families who are trying to live healthy lifestyles. The recipes reflect the cultural differences between the diverse partners from the UK in the West to Turkey in the East!

All recipes are available in PDF format and may be viewed, printed or saved to your own computer for later use. This image shows a UK favourite ‘Toad in the Hole’!

If you would like to see all the recipes in one combined PDF please click here: All recipes Final


The recipes are being analysed using software developed by UK partner Crystal – Food in Focus2.

This allows users to input the ingredients of each recipe easily and then analyse the recipe in a variety of different ways to  see whether it matches up to the requirements of a healthy diet. The  ‘Nutritional panel’ is produced automatically giving an easy to read summary of the key nutrients and energy provided by the recipe.