UK Government & Healthy Lifestyles


Peopleai??i??s lifestyles have a major impact on their health and wellbeing.

Eating and drinking more healthily, becoming more physically active, and receiving appropriate health support at work, have the potential to transform lives. Physical inactivity, alcohol misuse, and obesity cost the UK NHS billions of pounds every year and thereai??i??s no doubt that they contribute to organisationsai??i?? sickness absence figures too.

The UK Governmentai??i??s overall strategy for public health is set out in the White Paper called ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People’. The White Paper makes clear that everyone has a part to play in improving public health, including Government, business, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and individuals themselves.

The UK Governmentai??i??s approach to improving peopleai??i??s health is based on:

  • positively promoting ai???healthierai??i?? behaviours and lifestyles;
  • adapting the environment to make healthy choices easier;
  • strengthening self-esteem, confidence, and personal responsibility

The Healthy Lifestyles Project has these three bullet points clearly in mind.


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